The Torchbearers

Stormreach - Arson and Half-giants

Far, Vult 13

The heroes rowed for almost an entire day before reaching Stormreach. To the south of the harbor stood a massive stature of a noble looking human-like figure. From it’s outstretched hands, a beam of yellow light projected into the darkening sky like a beacon for incoming ships. When they entered the harbor, Rupert led them south of the Lyrandar shipyard into a tangle of ropes, pulleys, and fishing vessels called Fisher’s Folly. After tying off, Fane instructed Fangrim to escort the surviving crew of The Lantern to House Lyrandar’s compound in the city. He was also to take Captain Jan’s dagger and return it to his family or commanding officer. After giving the orders, Fane disappeared into the Wavecrest Tavern. The others followed, and once inside ordered their first warm meal in days. Naali was even adventurous enough to try The Torchbearers quickly made friends with Elynasi “Eversun” Loralyndar, a sulking tight-lipped eladrin, and Nei, a curious human who was preoccupied with an odd-looking compass she wore around her neck.

The new friends wined and dined, when suddenly a woman clad in bright blue robes burst into the tavern screaming for help. Duragilis was the first to volunteer, but the others all followed. Curiously, no one else in the tavern seemed eager to join them. Outside the heroes saw the reason behind the woman’s anguish. The Riedran Consulate was in flames, and the last remaining guards were hard-pressed fighting a squad of half-giants. The heroes waded in, cutting down one brute after the other. When an open lane presented itself Elynasi dashed into the burning building hoping to save Lord Khatanavash before it was too late. After blasting away the flames with icy magic Elrick charged after him. Outside, the rest of the heroes dispatched the last of the half-giants only to find themselves surrounded by a crowd of spectators that were intent on enjoying the night’s activities.

Character Journals
Elrick’s Journal Fane’s Journal Naali’s Journal Duragilis’ Journal Elynasi’s Journal Nei’s Journal


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