The Torchbearers

Stormreach - Burning Embers

Mol, Vult 16

The Torchbearers made their way safely through the Marketplace despite catching a continued number of stares. Entering into Embers, a part of Oldgate at the western edge of Stormreach, the group made their way nearer the Temple district and The Keep of the Silver Flame. Oldgate itself seemed much more orderly and clean than the rest of the city. There was less rubble, fresh coats of paint on the buildings, and a sense of calm in the air.

The Cyrans attacked without warning. They set buildings aflame with vials of alchemist’s fire and attacked the citizens of Embers with both a fury and precision. Finding themselves caught in the middle of it all, the Torchbearers could only watch as a woman burst out of a burning house and was gunned down by a crossbowman, crying infant in her arms. Her husband rushed the mob with reckless abandon, but fell quickly.

Needing no further provocation, Fane roused The Torchbearers to action and they cut through the Cyrans’ front ranks. This was no ragtag group of bandits, however. Leading them was a blonde Cyran with a thick accent and acid tongue who lashed out orders and insults in company with his sword. “Dannel’s Wrath will make a new home for Cyre!” he cried, “And you Thranes cannot stop us though you try! You will pay for your crimes!” Sticking together, The Torchbearers fought off the alchemical trickery of the invaders, and assuredly made the Cyran eat his own words. There was no mercy for this murderer. Duragilis managed to save the child but the mother was far beyond rescue.

As the blonde Cyran sputtered his last breath, the group looked to link up with the rest of the resistance. A group of six men clad in polished, ornate plate mail moved in tight formations against the few Cyrans that remained. Many tried to flee but the rest were spared no mercy. At the front of this group was a tall human with long red hair and a thick mustache. At his side was a sturdy dwarf who looked as if he could have fended off the entire attack by the skill with which he wielded his greatsword.

The red-haired knight moved toward The Torchbearers with caution, “Who are you? and what business have you in Embers?”

Character Journals
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