The Torchbearers

Stormreach - Elmo revealed

Sar, Vult 14

Water poured into the bowl-like chamber. Elynasi tapped into his eladrin heritage, teleporting across the chamber and charging the sahuagin caster. In a blink the sea-devil leader was slain. However, Elynasi was now separated from his companions by 3 gushing walls of water. Meanwhile, Naali was surrounded by the remaining sahuagin. She was the first to fall despite Nei’s best attempts to heal her. Elrick went down next.

Hoping to make a quick escape, Nei began inspecting the trap’s trigger mechanism: a marble cylinder depressed into the wall. Thinking quickly she set a blastpatch, jumped to the side and fired. The explosion broke the cylinder but the water continued to flow. Duragilis did his best to keep the sahuagin at bay, and keep his friends alive. He brought Naali back to her feet, and the two of them took the sahuagin down one after the other. Trying to buy everyone some more time, Elynasi jury rigged one of the stone mouths shut with a dagger; however, the other two continued to spew water at an alarming rate.

Nei focused on the trap’s mechanism, grabbing onto the arcane energy that controlled the water flow. She pulled and carefully eased what was left of the magical cylinder back into place. The water stopped. No longer threatened, Duragilis rushed to Elrick’s side an revived him. On the sea-devil bodies the heroes found some gold, a pouch of Silver Sand, and a magically encrypted note written in abyssal. Unfortunately, none of them were able to read it. Finally, with the help of Drudge’s crowbar, they were able to pry the iron door open enough to release the pressure of the water and escape.

Once back in Stormreach, the heroes went directly back to the Wavecrest Tavern. Tonight was the arm-wrestling competition, and despite her wounds and fatigue, Naali was looking for a little “fair” competition. The rest of the crew found a table and ordered food and drinks. Naali’s first opponent was Brunor, the half-elf barbarian. Brunor insulted the goliath by calling her a slave-girl. The tactic worked, as Naali struggled to rope in her anger and nearly lost her opening match. In the end, however, she was victorious. She moved onto the second round to face a hulking dwarf named Bredoln Stonebeard. This time Naali was ready and before Bredoln could make a move, she slammed his fist down on the table.

As the crowd cheered Naali’s surprise victory Nei and Elynasi spotted Elmo across the room, busy chatting up two ladies. Intoxicated from too much Nei drew a dagger and threw it at him. Duragilis reached for her arm, but was too late. Thankfully, Elynasi was a step ahead of him and teleported across the room in time to catch the dagger before it found its mark.

As the championship round of the arm-wrestling competition was being set the heroes hatched their plan. Elynasi waded into the crowd hoping to eve’s drop on Elmo. Elrick The Orange animated the doll of Elmo’s “daughter” and magically danced it over to the rogue’s table. A furious Duragilis followed. Meanwhile, Naali squared off against the crowd favorite, Quinton Debly, a diminutive gnome built like chiseled stone. This time it was Naali’s turn to be surprised. Before she could even finish her sportsman’s insult Quinton had slammed her hand onto the table, successfully defending his title. The crowd roared, but undaunted by the wee man’s prowess, or perhaps intrigued by it, Naali whisked him onto her shoulders and took him upstairs.

Elmo was enjoying himself quite a bit less now that his supposed victims had found him. They threatened him, more intent on getting him alone than gleaning him for information. However, Elmo wasn’t foolish enough to go with them. Instead, he told them the reason behind his act: the Cult of the Devourer, a sect whose members included sahuagin, had hired him to provide bodies for a bloody ritual. He had only two ties to this world, his daughter Clara, who was now dead by the very sahuagin he was working for, and his brother who was in the Red Ring. With no one to turn to, Elmo was scrounging money any way he could in hopes of paying off his brother’s sentence for allegedly assaulting the cousin of Stormlord Omaren. Unnoticed by everyone Elrick The Orange had vanished mysteriously through the front door.

Despite its ring of truth, Duragilis would have none of it. Nei wanted to help, and Elynasi was rather indifferent, more intent on his own goals than saving innocent lives. After a spirited rebuke from Duragilis, Elmo agreed to seek out the Church of the Silver Flame and Fane of Aruldusk to ask for forgiveness for his acts. Before leaving he told the heroes that the Cult of the Devourer could be found at Shargon’s Talon.

As Elmo walked out the front door of the Wavecrest Tavern a blast of energy smashed into his face, sending his body sprawling onto the ground. Those inside saw a flash of orange robe as the door slammed shut. Elrick The Orange walked off toward the smoldering ruin of the Riedran Consulate leaving Elmo’s lifeless body splayed on the ground, his neck bent at an unnatural angle. A young human boy crept out from the shadows of a nearby ally and began picking over the dead man’s body before it had even turned cold.

Character Journals
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