The Torchbearers

Stormreach - Riedrans, Hope, Sahuagin and a watery tomb...

Far, Vult 13

Inside the burning Riedran Consulate, Elynasi searched frantically amongst the flames for Lord Khatanavash and any others still alive. Elrick followed his path, creating an escape route with blasts of cold. Meanwhile, the others attempted to move a beam that had fallen from the 1st floor ceiling and blocked the main entrance to the building.

Elynasi found Khatanavash and two servants in a fiery meeting room. He jumped through the doorway, narrowly avoiding the flames. Elrick cleared the main stairway of fire and rushed to the second floor, but he was quickly disoriented. He did however, find the body of a Riedran servant who had succumbed to the fire and smoke. Outside, Naali cleared the doorway, allowing Nei to rush in. The flames licked out at her and she narrowly avoided her death by tapping into the magic within her compass, teleporting herself to the stairway. Duragilis unsuccessfully goaded the crowd of bystanders into helping.

Elynasi and Elrick hurriedly led the survivors out of the building by jumping through a hole in second floor. Nei followed suit, only to be caught by Naali before crashing to the ground.

Once safe Hope led the heroes to a Riedran trade ship. They were not allowed to board, as is custom, but she did offer them a gift from Lord Khatanavash’s personal collection of Xen’Drik artifacts. As requested by Elynasi and Nei, she promised a personal audience with Lord Khatanavash once he had recovered from his injuries. She also explained that the half-giants were members of a gang named The Titans, who were intent on exacting revenge on the Riedrans for past wrongs.

After leaving the ship, the heroes returned to the Wavecrest Tavern to celebrate their arrival in style. Their a drunken Rupert introduced them to his new friend, Elmo, who begged the heroes to find his daughter Clara. According toElmo, sahuagin had kidnapped his 12-year old daughter and fled into the Waterworks.

The heroes tracked the sahuagin through a huge iron pipe, into ancient ruins of Cul’sir, and chased them through a huge cavern filled with row after row of columns. Finally, the sahuagin fled into a white, bowl-like chamber. As they hatched a plan, the heroes were surprised by Elmo. In spite of their best efforts to convince him to stay at the Wavecrest Tavern, Elmo had followed them, too distraught to leave his daughter behind.

The sahuagin attacked from the darkness, first by water magic, then by charging. Elrick was nearly taken down, but his companions came to his aid. Just as the tide seemed to be turning for the heroes they surprised to see the sahuagin leader toss “Clara’s” body to the ground. Instead, it was a stuffed dummy. They heard a horse chuckle from behind. “Welcome to Stormreach suckers!” shouted Elmo as he pushed a panel near the entrance to the room. He ducked under the falling iron door, while 3 stone faces about the room opened their mouths and water gushed out at a scarily fast pace. As the heroes looked at each other in horror the water began to pool at their feet.

Character Journals
Elrick’s Journal Fane’s Journal Naali’s Journal Duragilis’ Journal Elynasi’s Journal Nei’s Journal


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