The Torchbearers

The Escape

Zol, Vult 10

The hive is in a frenzy. “It’s not going to be pretty, but I should have enough left in me to blast our way through to the exit.” says Elrick grimly. He rolls up his sleeves, briefly pausing to whisk away the dirt soiling his bright orange robes. “Filthy creatures…”

Fane brandishes his sword in defiance, “We came here for Jan, Elrick. I’m not leaving here without him!” Naali takes a firm stance next to the warlord, hoping his

“I believe they were taken that way.” Fangrim points to a tunnel at the far end of the chamber. “I was tracking them before that beast set upon me.”

Drudge shakes his head. “So they may be, but the ants are coming. We cannot fight them all!”

“Nor can we outrun them.” States Naali flatly. “But perhaps we can buy ourselves some time.”

The decision was made, and, with a smile on his face, Elrick set into blasting the chambers support columns. Conjuring his trademark ball of flame, he nearly buried himself and his companions as a whole section of the ceiling collapsed, blocking the southern tunnel completely.

Fighting for every step, the party made their way through the chamber and holed up defensively in a cluster of columns just outside their desired exit. Naali and Drudge cleared a path and called for the retreat. Hard-pressed by an ant almost twice his size, Fane dug his feet in instead. He regretted his decision almost immediately, though, as Elrick the Orange began a rather familiar arcane incantation. Luckily, Fang’s handaxe gave Fane the opportunity he needed, and with trusting the two to handle themselves, he broke off into the tunnel.

The air combusted around Elrick, flames wreathing through the chamber. Defying logic, even the columns caught fire and began to crumble. Fangrim grabbed the mage by the collar, hauling him after the others as the ceiling fell behind them. Smile still stuck to his face, Elrick even managed a parting shot at the nearest ant.

Safe for the moment, but sealed off from the way they entered the hive, the group could only hope there was another way out. Plodding on, a new chamber opened before them – a forest of silky threads stretched from floor to ceiling, and arge bundles of silk dotted the floor, some leaking a puss-like goo. Splitting up, Fang investigated the tunnels while the others began cutting into the silk.

Fane and Drudge tackled a bundle over twice their size. Drudge took more interest in the silk than what lay beneath, and cut away a long clump of strands to tuck in his pack. Focused on the opening, Fane uncovered a mat of hair. Digging deeper, he discovered a massive humanoid warrior. A vicious sword hung sheathed at it’s hip and on its back was a large metal shield, covered in runes.

Following a rut in the mud from the entrance of the chamber, Elrick and Naali stopped at a series of bundles. The first spilled out a pile of giant toad and humanoid frog carcasses. A weak croak alerted them one was possibly still alive, but Elrick cautioned Naali: this was no time for risks. The second bundle was more promising. The slit revealed blue fabric – the color of House Lyrandar! Working frantically, Naali released the contents. 3 men survived, bus sadly Captain Jan had not.

With a look of guilt on his face, Fane looked over Jan’s mangled body. He found a map and compass in his pack, as well as a sealed scroll meant for the Lyrandar enclave, no doubt. He also collected the half-elf’s dagger as a sign of his demise, and his coin purse, but left the rest. There was little time for remorse, however, as the chamber shook. Dust rained down from the ceiling, and the group realized the whole tunnel system was about to collapse! From a tunnel up ahead Fang reappeared and led the group upwards – the smell of warm, night air teasing them…
Character Journals
Elrick’s Journal Fane’s Journal Naali’s Journal Duragilis’ Journal


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