Fane of Aruldusk

Warlord from Thrane, Veteran of the Last War


Class: Warlord

Build: Bravura

Deity: The Silver Flame

Background: Commissioned Officer (Intimidate class skill)


Str 17  Con 10  Dex 14  Int 10  Wis 10  Cha 17
AC: 21  Fort: 18  Reflex: 18 Will: 18
HP: 47  Bloodied: 23  Surges: 8  Surge Value: 10


Athletics +10, Diplomacy +10, Endurance +7, History +7, Intimidate +12


Acrobatics +4, Arcana +2, Bluff +5, Dungeoneering +2, Heal +2, Insight +2, Nature +2, Perception +2, Religion +2, Stealth +2, Streetwise +5, Thievery +3


Speaks:  Common, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin
Reads/Writes:  Common, Goblin


Battlefront Leader
Inspiring Word
Bravura Presence


Level 1: Weapon Expertise - Heavy Blades, Toughness
Level 2: Armored Warlord
Level 4: Improved Inspiring Word


at-will: Brash Assault, Furious Smash, Opening Shove
encounter: Battlefront Shift, Inspiring Word, Seize the Advantage, Flattening Charge
daily: Fearless Rescue
utility: Rub Some Dirt In It


adventurer’s kit, belt pouch, wineskin, 2 flasks, flint and steel, letters from home, iron locket, broad sword, scale armor, 2 handaxes, +1 Vanguard Broadsword, Torchbearer’s Shield, Elixir of Dragon’s Breath, Amulet of Resolution, Horned Helm, 300 gp


Fane is the second son of a middle class family from Aruldusk. He had an average childhood, and like his older brother and father entered the military academy of Thrane in Aruldusk upon reaching puberty. There he learned the art of the sword, the bow, military history and tactics. He performed above average on many of the aptitude tests and for this reason was placed in officer-track training. For years rumors of war grew and spread, but Fane never believed it would happen, trusting in the treaty of the Five Nations. When tension finally bubbled over, Fane was shipped out to the border of Aundair where he served as a low ranking officer. He led a small unit of infantry in the name of Thrane, and was part of the army that sacked Thaliost. His tactics were sound, his decisions quick and cunning, just as he had been taught in the academy. However, as the war raged on and his company lost more than a few soldiers to the Aundairians, Fane lost confidence in him self as a leader and his teaching. His orders became unclear, his tactics questionable. In a particularly bloody battle with a squad of Aundairian foot soldiers, Fane’s company was almost overcome. Most of the troops he had led in battle for months were slain that day. However, rather than freeze or break down, Fane abandoned the clever tactics he was taught and threw himself into the thick of battle, trying his best to save his comrades, shouting out dicey but effective orders. His company pulled through and won the day. Using his new found confidence, Fane led his troops to several more victories before suffering a grievous wound. Several days later Fane awoke in a healer’s tent, his right thigh tender and bandaged. The war officially ended the next day, and Thaliost was then part of Thrane.

After the war Fane was decommissioned, given a medal of honor for his wound, and given praise for his courage in battle. However, he is still scarred both emotionally and physically from the battles for Thaliost. He has recently returned home to Aruldusk where he has taken to looking for adventurer’s or mercenary’s work.

About a year ago Fane was sought out by Bishop Patoria of the Silver Flame in Aruldusk. The Bishop asked Fane to lead a group of unlikely heroes to the lair of the mad alchemist Alcanane of House Cannith. There, the Bishop hoped Fane and his party would learn valuable information about the clandestine and highly suspect works of Alcanane, as well as learn the fate of Lady Eliura, a renowned priestess of the Silver Flame. Fane and his party were captured, and later realized they had been used as test subject for some of Alcanane’s bizarre experiments. Upon escaping and forcing Alcanane to flee, Fane and several of his company were again captured by the black dragon Faestius, Blackdeath. The others were able to rescue them only moments before Faestius unleashed her fury. On the return trip to Aruldusk from the Seawall Mountains, the heroes came upon the recently destroyed stronghold of Sterngate. Unwilling to leave those in need to certain death, Fane and his group volunteered to travel by lightning rail to Starilaskur and pass on word of the need for more soldiers to defend the stronghold. They traveled back to Sterngate the next day and took party in scouting missions to flush out the goblins warbands. They were able to uncover a secret spy plot rooted in Starilaskur by unmasking the changeling Fristan and turning him in to officials. From there, they finally made the journey home to Aruldusk.

However, by this time most of their loved ones and friends, as well as Bishop Patoria, had thought them dead. After speaking to several friends and assuring them that he was very much alive, Fane sought out his true love, Lilya. Lilya, a scholar of the Morgrave University, was offered the chance to go on an expedition in Xen’drik led by her idol Jacques L’ Marve, a famous scholar and archaeologist specializing in ancient civilizations. When Fane went to visit her, he learned of her voyage from a letter she had left him. She didn’t give many details, only that the expedition was being funded by a sole benefactor known as Manchetto.

Looking back on the events of the past few months, Fane decided he did not want to live any longer without Lilya. He took the first chance he could find to travel to Xen’drik, which happened to be another mission offered by the Silver Flame. For some reason, Bishop Patoria and the Flame seemed more than happy to send Fane to Xen’drik. Perhaps it was because he had gleaned valuable information from the hunt for Alcanane, or perhaps they saw some other use for Fane which was tied to the land of the Giants. Regardless, Fane is happy to have his friend [[:elrick the orange]] on the journey with him.

Appearance: Fane his long black hair, sharp facial features, and deep green eyes. He is a rugged, handsome man. He is quite strong, though not overly bulky. He stands 6’1” and weighs 210 lbs. He usually shaves his beard to coarse stubble. He wears chainmail and wields a sword. He also carries a shield and long bow. He wears a brown bear skin cloak given to him by his father, a retired Thrane militant, the day he left for the front. Fane has a pale scar on his forehead, and of course a deep jagged red scar on his upper right thigh. He walks with a very slight limp, but is otherwise not hindered in battle. He has one tattoo, a drunken faerie, that both he and Barnes got before he left for the front. They both sport the tattoo on their left shoulder.

Personality: In battle Fane is very aggressive, preferring to rush in with his comrades behind him rather than use stealth or ranged attacks. He takes more joy from setting up vicious strikes for his comrades than he does landing his own. He will not hesitate to chastise his companions, however, if he feels they make a mistake or put others in peril.

Fane is proud of him self and his companions. He doesn’t take flack from anyone outside of his group, and will stick up for those in need without hesitation. His natural charisma draws people of all kinds, and both sexes, to him. He is a natural born leader and relishes making decisions that matter. Fane is also a decent listener; he’s willing to listen to other’s opinions as long as they don’t interfere with his decisions. He usually listens intently to get a feel for someone’s objectives.

In social situations Fane is usually well-spoken, has a good-natured sense of humor, and is kind and generous to his friends and those in need. Fane has no love for his enemies, and will not hesitate to let them know in words or in battle. Having lost a number of friends in battle, Fane knows that sometimes you have to play dirty to survive. He believes blind honor is for fools. “Honor is one thing; stupidity is another.”

Fane is knowledgeable in history (mostly military, but also the local history of Thrane and some of the 5 Nations). He also enjoys music and a strong drink now and then.

Some times Fane can be seen staring intently at his medal of honor, but when asked about it he claims, “It’s nothing” and puts it back in his pocket. He also carries a love poem written to him by Lilya (will have to write this out later if you want to use it for something). He reads this to himself when he is extremely lonely. It is his most prized possession. He also carries Lilya’s last letter to him. This is his most recent connection to her.

PC ties

Elrick The Orange was a member of the party Fane led in searhc of Alcanane. Over the several months they were together, Fane and Elrick became friends. Fane also has a relatively new-found appreciation for magic, particularly magical fire and cleaning spells, thanks for his Elrick

Duragilis Laedon and Fane met once

NPC ties:

Jeralt of Aruldusk – Fane’s older brother Jeralt was a commander of a Thrane legion on the Eastern front. Jeralt has kept his commission for he is in good standing with the Silver Flame and the other military commanders. Jeralt is Fane’s hero. Fane is very proud of his brother and sees in him everything that he should be. Jeralt occasionally sends letters to Fane updating him on military and family news.

Barnes – A traveling bard. Barnes and Fane are childhood friends from Aruldusk. Barnes is the ultimate source of gossip. Fane looks forward to every encounter with him to hear news from around Thrane, and sometimes the other nations. Barnes could also supply adventure hooks as Fane is looking to leave the military behind and become an adventurer. During their last meeting, Barnes told Fane that he would be traveling to Xen’drik soon and that he should look for him at the Wavecrest Inn.

Lilya – Fane’s childhood sweetheart. They were set to marry until he was sent to the front. The brutalities of war hardened Fane’s heart a little, and the he stopped returning Lilya’s letters shortly before the war ended. Lilya does not know that Fane has returned to Aruldusk (see motivations for more). Lilya was working in the Morgrave University in Aruldusk when Fane left. She is now in Xen’drik working for Jacques L’Marve on an expedition funded by someone named Manchetto.

Gruin – An arms dealer/blacksmith in Aruldusk. Gruin loves to gossip about the other nations, as he is a firm believer that Thrane is the best of the five.

Jahn Handeck – Jahn is one of the few surviving men from Fane’s company. He is a beast of a man, and very efficient with a great axe. He greatly admires Fane, and was sad to see him decommissioned. Jahn currently serves as part of the Aruldusk watch/militia. Jahn constantly talks about the good ol’ days with Fane as his leader. He has gossip about the Thrane military as well as crime or important newcomers in Aruldusk.

Roye Gurten – Roye was also a member of Fane’s company. Roye however, did not particularly like Fane. He was jealous that Fane was his commander, feeling that he was better suited, and that Fane was slightly incompetent. It was Roye’s testimony before a secret tribunal that led to Fane’s decommission. Roye claimed that Fane’s incompetence as a leader led to the company’s near destruction and the loss of Thaliost. He also claimed that Fane’s tactics became unsound and downright suicidal near the end of the battle for Thaliost and that Fane knowingly put his men’s lives in jeopardy. Fane is not aware of Roye’s testimony, nor is he aware of the fact the Roye just recently was promoted to Fane’s old position.

Goals and Motivations:

1. Fane still struggles with the aftermath of the war of Five Nations. He had a strong belief in the treaty that held the countries together and he was deeply troubled when the tenuous peace crumbled. At the start of the war he was deeply patriotic, but as he saw more of the greed, jealousy, betrayal, and deception that laid behind the lines of the war, his stomach grew sour with disgust. He still feels that Thrane is his home, but he is no longer bound to it by loyalty or honor. 2. Fane is still confused about being decommissioned. He believes it was because of his wound, but he is still a very capable fighter. He does not know that Roye’s testimony is the reason behind it all. He longs for a group of soldiers to lead, and misses the daily companionship of friends like Jahn. However, he does not miss the gruesomeness of war. 3. Sick of killing “countrymen”, or people of the 5 nations, for a nation rife with greed and deceit, Fane wishes to turn to a life of killing monsters. By adventuring he feels that he can make a decent living and help the common folk out by ridding them of threats to their survival. 4. Fane likes to stay occupied because if he sits still for too long his thoughts drift back to Lilya. Deep down he wants to settle down with her, but feelings of incompetency (from his decommission) and self-doubt keep him from doing so. He also secretly wishes to acquire enough wealth to provide Lilya with a decent living as she comes from an upper middle class family and is very well educated.

Information Pertinent to Fane’s history

Fane of Aruldusk

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