Duragilis Laedon

Duragilis Laedon the Jhorgun'taal son of Durtrucido Laedon from a clan of the Shadow Marshes


Duragilis, level 5 Half-Orc, Ranger Build: Hunter Ranger Fighting Style: Hunter Fighting Style Ranger: Prime Shot Background: Thrane, Eldeen Reaches, Martial – Scion of a Legend, Shadow Marches (+2 to Nature)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 16, Con 14, Dex 20, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 14, Con 13, Dex 17, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10.

AC: 20 Fort: 16 Reflex: 18 Will: 12 HP: 46 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 11

TRAINED SKILLS Nature +11, Stealth +12, Perception +7, Endurance +11, Athletics +10, Intimidate +9

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +7, Arcana +2, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Dungeoneering +2, Heal +2, History +2, Insight +2, Religion +2, Streetwise +2, Thievery +7

FEATS Level 1: Harrowing Swarm Student Level 2: Student of Battle Level 4: Grounding Shot

POWERS Ranger at-will 1: Fading Strike Ranger at-will 1: Nimble Strike Ranger encounter 1: Hindering Shot Ranger daily 1: Hunter’s Bear Trap Ranger utility 2: Hunter’s Privilege Ranger encounter 3: Stalking Strike Ranger daily 5: Hunter’s Confrontation

ITEMS Broadsword, Hooked Handaxe (2), Kyrala The Guardian+1, Crowbar, Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Silk Rope (50 ft.), Waterskin, Belt Pouch (empty), Arrows (30), Arrow (10), Nature Spirit Leather +1, Ankla’s Bane, Map of Xen’Drik, Compass, Alchemist’s Fire (level 1) (4), Firestorm Arrow +1


Duragilis Leodan is a Jhorgun’taal. The proud son of Durtrucido Laedon, he was born in the summer time. A boy of youthful strength and agility he thrived in his father’s estate. Protected from the bias of the tribe he knew only acceptance and pride from his family. His father’s position in the tribe meant that all who visited complied with his wishes of acceptance. And so Duragilis grew to the age of ten protected from the prejudice of his people.

The tribes of the Shadow Marsh live a hard life. They are strong and willful men who have strong pride in their Orc history. However, the cost of their pride is their bias. They think of other races as week. This is especially true of the race of humans. Their prejudice allows for no compromise. This simple minded blockage of obvious truth secludes them in the Shadow Marsh where their own ignorance is the bars that confines them there.

Thus Durtrucido knew would never accept Duragilis as an equal no matter how strong of character he might be. Durtrucido was a visionary amongst these tribes seeing through the vale of ignorance and prejudice he pushed for acceptance amongst the tribe.

Durtrucido is not without influence but against such generational hatred he cannot shift hearts and minds in one generation. To some degree it’s a testament to his strength of character that from his singular influence he has been able to enter into the hive minded prejudice a small doubt. A doubt that given time could grow. Duragilis is the evendence of this doubt and the way in which he conducts his life will most likely either give life to this spark of change or bring it crashing down to closure.

It is the legacy that Durtrucido leaves to Duragilis. To demonstrate to his people that their prejudice and hatred is wrongfully placed.

To achieve this Durtrucido new that Duragilis must be supported to grow and flourish in his own way. As Duragilis grew it became clear that he would not simply take his father’s side. It was with a heavy heart that Durtrucido finally had to admit to himself the truth of Duragilis’ situation. He could not raise the boy to reach his potential here in the marsh. He would always be slighted and treated wrongly. And so Durtrucido sent Duragilis to the north the Gate Keepers of the Eldeen Reaches.

Before the young Jhorgun’taal was sent away his father spoke of all of this to him. A single comment from this conversation framed for Duragilis the direction he knew he must take, “You are the beacon, you are the gift of acceptance to our people. You must show them through your life that they are wrong in their ignorance.”

So with the Druids the Duragilis not only found acceptance but was allowed to flourish and learn from the wise Druids. Sparked by his father’s mandate the young Leodon blossomed in his knowledge and education.

For three years Duragilis lived with the Druids studying their teachings and ancient ways. For a time he lived as a monk in the deep woods learning to hunt and forage for his meals spending more time in the wilderness than he did in his bed. His place amongst the druids was secure and he was accepted as one of them. With him always was the knowledge that his people needed his modeling and he held himself to the highest standards.

However, his development was not all business. He developed several friendships with others but none more closely than with a young human boy named Reavel Elkwood. Their friendship grew strong as the two boys foraged and played together. Reavel had come to live with the druids when his father was slance in the southern end of the forest. Rescuid by a driad of the woods and taken in by the rangers of the woods Reavel was as much at home in the woods as any Orc or forest creature. Their love of nature and the desire to protect life bound these two tightly together.

And so it was until the Aundairs abandoned the defense of the woods that Reavel and Duragilis spent their time mostly hunting, fishing and learning the stories of the elders. Once the war began and the Wardens of the Wood took up the defense of the forest the two brash boys told the elders of their desire to serve and to protect. With the defense of the Eldeen Reaches now in the hands of the Druids the elders could not refuse. The boys joined and dived into the training and for two years they scouted and served the Wardens. They both grew in skill and capability relying on their already ample knowledge of the wilderness.

However, as the two boys grew Duragilis grew more adventurous and curious of the lands to the south and east while Reavel became more focused adapt at hunting and scouting. The two boys remained good friends but their different desires and goals shifted them apart.

It was another two years in serving in the Wardens that brought Duragilis to the age of 16 and by now his strong bow arm was well known amongst the bandits and his own allies. Still young both he and Reavel had gained the ranke of Ranger and were counted as full members of the ranks of the Wardens. Soon Duragilis signed up for duties that took him into the lands of men. Serving as emissary for the Druids he traveled through Aundair into Thane.

While on missions and escorts the young Half-Orc flourished in his study of the sword and beliefs. His fighting prowess gained him acceptance on dangerous missions and his willingness to learn gained him friendships. While on his travels he was especially focused on learning of the teachings of the Silver Flame. Their mission and goals matched his tribal and druidic up bringing and he guessed that the land of Thane would provide the opportunities he desired.

Along these paths and missions he met many soldiers of Thane. While most were droll or inattentive to the needs of the world he found a few kindred souls.

Upon one mission the group that Duragilis was traveling with camped near an army camp. An emissary from the camp paid visit to the travelers and Duragilis was able to speak with their leader for a moment. The conversation was short but still Duragilis could not forget the face of the young ernest soldier. Something fortold in this meeting but what Duragilis could not discern. However, through his daily meditations and druidic rituals the face of this man continued to appear to him and the man’s name could not be forgotten. He was Fane of Aruldusk and Duragilis was sure their paths would once again merge.

During his travels Duragilis would never pass up an opportunity to hear stories of Xen’Drik. The stories of abominations and evil drew his attention like moth to a flame. He dreamed of traveling to this far off land to full-fill on his promise to his father to create a memory of strength in the Jhorgun’taal. In becoming the beacon for the Half breeds he would give stength to the doubt of prejudice that his father had started.

Soon after his realization that this was his mission things began to fit into place for him and he learned of expidition being formed to go to Xen’Drik and so he traveled to Aruldusk to join this mission and start his fate upon the path his father had requested and the gods fortold. Duragilis was born in a tradition of powerful men and was raised as a leader. But if he had been different and completely Orc (which as a young man he had desired greatly) he would have never been given the chance to study with the Druids and join the Wardens. A force greater than himself pushed him forward. Pushed him along a path that he knew would bring him to face the enemies of ancient. With a sharp sword and a solid bow the young Half-Orc leaps to accept his path and step into the journey of his ancestors and face the enemies of old.

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Duragilis Laedon

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