Human artificer


Class: Artificer

Build: Tinkerer

Deity: Science

Background: Cannith Tinkerer


Str 10  Con 13  Dex 13  Int 18  Wis 16  Cha 10
AC: 17  Fort: 16  Reflex: 17 Will: 17
HP: 40  Surges: 7  Surge Value: 10


Arcana +11, Dungeoneering +9, Heal +9, Perception +9, Streetwise +7, Thievery +8


Speaks:  Common, Dwarven, Elven, Giant,
Reads/Writes:  Common, Dwarven


Level 1: Ritual Caster, Alchemist, Quick Draw
Level 2: Master Mixer
Level 4: Alchemical Opportunist


at-will: Magic Weapon, Thundering Armor, Aggravating Force
encounter: Spike Wire, Altered Luck
daily: Obedient Servant
utility: Arcane Anchor


alchemist's fire, alchemist's acid, alchemist's frost, blastpatch, tracking dust


enchant magic item, disenchant magic item, brew potion, make whole, unseen servant, tension wheel


adventurer’s kit, belt pouch, wineskin, 2 flasks, flint and steel, Leather Armor, Hand crossbow, 50 bolts, dagger, Alchemical Fire (1), Alchemical Acid (1), Alchemical Frost (1), Tracking Dust (1), Blastpatch (1), Tension Wheel (1), Potion of Clarity (1), Olodak’s Compass.


Nei was born in Sharn to a blacksmith and a baker. At an early age she presented the gift of curiosity, much more so than you average child. Nei wasn’t only curious about what things were – she wanted to know how they worked. Not wishing to waste her talents, her parents scrounged up what little money they had to have Nei apprentice with House Cannith. After spending her formative years with some of the great crafters and artificers in Eberron, Nei headed south to ply her trade. During her travels she met a young eladrin woman and became intrigued by the tales she heard of great towers passing into the world of Eberron and back out into the Feywild. Nei longed by understand how this was possible. By chance or by fate Nei ended up in the port of Stormreach on the continent of Xen’drik. There she met Olodak the Maker, a renowned independent artificer who spent a great deal of his time researching teleportation magic and the Eladrin, along with their Feyspires.

Nei dug into her work; in fact she hardly saw the light of day as she spent her waking time pouring over magical research tomes, performing experiments and crafting devices to aid Olodak’s work. After a few years Olodak had a major breakthrough. He was able to harness magical energy into a compass that could teleport the holder wherever they desired. Now he just needed to find a way for the compass to take him to the ruined Feyspire in Xen’drik. The only problem was that no one knew where to find the tower. It had been lost for generations.

During a particularly stressful afternoon working in the lab there was a loud commotion and a great humming noise. A blinding purple light filled the lab. Nei searched for Olodak, but the light and humming were too intense. Everything went black.

Nei woke up staring into the dark eyes of a male eladrin. He introduced himself as Elynasi, and he was looking for Olodak. However, Olodak had disappeared. The lab and his notes were in tatters. However, his compass was still there, but badly damaged as charged magical energy raced around its casing. Nei decided to take the compass in hopes that it will one day lead her to her mentor and perhaps greater things.


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