Earthborn Amulet

The shard of basalt hangs from a knotted leather thong.


+1 to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defenses when equipped.

When wearer assumes the Guardian Form of Mountain’s Thunder, receive temporary HP equal to 1d6 + Constitution modifier.


This amulet was made from a shard of basalt by the Goliath shaman Noma “Stormstrider” Thamikeil-thavo upon her return to her clan after witnessing and a strangely violent overnight summer thunderstorm in the Ironhorn Mountains, thereafter known by her people as the “Storm of Sundering”.

She never spoke of the storm or the shard—a silence that was made more mysterious when Noma was delivered of a shade-marked daughter 9 months to the day after the Storm of Sundering.

Noma wore the amulet until her death, at which time it was worn by her daughter Naali. It carries a fraction of the life force of the storm that created it (and, if rumors are to be believed, Naali). Although Noma had never been seen to gain any benefit from the amulet, the stone appears to defend Naali by lending a fraction of its life force when she assumes the guardian form of earth.

Earthborn Amulet

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