Torchbearer's Shield

Heavy Shield that illuminates the darkness, inspires hope in allies and dread in undead


Heavy Shield

Property: The shields illuminates an area of radius two around you with radiant light. As a minor action you can stop the light from emanating from the shield.

Property: Undead that begin that enter or begin their turn within the radiant light emitted by the shield take a -1 penalty to defenses.

Daily (minor): Allies within the light emanating from the shield are granted 5 temporary hit points.


The Torchbearer’s Shield was crafted by Fleur d’Cannith, an artificer of great repute, and a personal friend of Bishop Patoria of the Silver Flame. Upon the bishop’s request, Fleur crafted a shield for Fane of Aruldusk that would “provide a guiding light in a land of darkness”. The shield was given to the torchbearers as both a symbol of hope and a reminder of their duty. Blessed with the name Torchbearer, the silver plated shield is adorned with the insignia of a simple wooden torch alit with silver flame set upon a black background.

Torchbearer's Shield

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