Tag: Human


  • Fane of Aruldusk

    Fane is the second son of a middle class family from Aruldusk. He had an average childhood, and like his older brother and father entered the military academy of Thrane in Aruldusk upon reaching puberty. There he learned the art of the sword, the bow, …

  • Elrick The Orange

    *Who is this chump, and why should you care?* Elrick was a boy from a poor farming village. His father was a farmer, as was his father before him. During the spring of his 13th year, his village was besieged by a vile necromancer. Friends faltered and …

  • Nei

    Nei was born in Sharn to a blacksmith and a baker. At an early age she presented the gift of curiosity, much more so than you average child. Nei wasn't only curious about what things were - she wanted to know how they worked. Not wishing to waste her …

  • Aida

    Aida seems to work nightly at the [[Wavecrest Tavern]]. Despite always being in a rush to serve the clientele, Aida puts on a warm smile and is genuinely pleasant with the guests.