Stormreach scene

Stormreach is one of two cities on Xen’drik, the other being Dar Qat. However, Stormreach is by far the more bustling and cosmopolitan of the two. Stormreach was originally a resupply depot for pirates of the Thunder Sea. However, as the pirate lords grew in power they caught the attention of King Galifar. Rather than try to break the pirates physically, King Galifar reluctantly struck a truce with them. In exchange for its autonomy, Stormreach would allow the presence of the dragonmarked houses, thereby opening trade to the kingdom; also, a lord chosen by King Galifar himself would sit on the ruling council of the city. The other 4 lords were the most powerful pirates in the Thunder Sea. They were dubbed the Coin Lords, and each gave up their life of infamy for political control in the city. The fifth lord, named the Harbor Lord, was seated by King Galifar – thereby establishing the King’s presence in movement and trade in the city.

Today Stormreach is ruled by descendants of the the original 5 rulers. Like their predecessors, they call themselves the Stormlords.

Population: 11,650

Demographics: Humans 43%, gnomes 9%, halfelves 9%, dwarves 8%, orcs and half-orcs 8%, halflings 7%, elves 6%, warforged 2%, shifters 2%, changelings 1%, other (drow, goblinoids, giants, kalashtar, monstrousraces) 5%.

Rulers: The Storm Lords.

Founders: Yorrick Amanatu, Molou Lassite, Delera Omaren, Kolis Sel Shadra, Jolan Wylkes.

Motto: “Rising on the edge of the world.”






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