The Torchbearers

The Torchbearers are a group of adventures chosen by the Church of the Silver Flame to perform a mission on the continent of Xen’Drik. Although the Flame has been very secretive about the exact nature of the mission, they sought out a trusted and capable leader for the party, Fane of Aruldusk. Fane then hand selected those that he would lead to the dark continent. He chose Duragilis Laedonfor his expertise in tracking, navigating the wilds, and with the long bow. Naali ‘Honeymouth’ Thamikeil-thavo was chosen for her knowledge of natural surrounding, her physical prowess, and for something that Fane could not explain. He only knew that she would play an important but as of yet unknown role on this mission. Elrick The Orange was a companion of Fane’s from previous adventures. He knowledge of magic will no doubt prove invaluable. Also on board are Fane’s old companions: the half-elf sorcerer Kal Elis Windweaver, the half-orc ranger Fangrim “The Wolf” Gwenson, and the deva paladin Ronen.

Duragilis’ Journal

Elrick’s Journal

Elynasi’s Journal

Fane’s Journal

Naali’s Journal

Nei’s Journal



Exploits of the Torchbearers


The Torchbearers

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