XP and Treasure Log

Session Date XP Treasure
204/07/10200Cask of wine


405/05/10250Cap’n Jan’s Gold Pouch 550gp), Sealed Scroll, Compass, Parchment, +2 Longsword [Duragilis], Battleforged Shield [Naali], Lightning Dagger [Fangrim]



705/26/10300Gauntlets of Ogre Power [Naali]

806/02/10400Silversand (1) [Fane],90gp,35gp

906/09/10818spellshard with the following rituals:Comprehend Language (PH), Portend Weather (PP) Purify Water (AP), Lower Water(AP), Water Walk (PH). two labeled potions of healing [1 to Naali].
420 gp, and two pearls worth 100 gp each and 200 gp worth of ritual ingredients – 50 of each type (Arcana = alchemical, Nature = rare herbs, Religion = sanctified incense, Heal = mystic salves. Also, an Eberron Shard of Bleeding Wounds (not used).

1006/16/1020630 gp, wanted poster, hooked hand-axe (2) [Duragilis]

1106/23/102562 gems (50gp), 110 gp, Horned Helm [Fane], Alchemists Fire (1)[Fane], Tangle foot bag (2) [Naali], Fire beetle potion [Goresh], Potion of Healing [Goresh]



1408/04/10300Morning Star, Journal etc…

1509/21/10225Fane’s Shield is upgraded, 10 gems worth 1100gp…

XP and Treasure Log

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