The Roll of Heroes is a scroll on which you may write the significant deeds of your character. Any time you level up think about if you’ve done anything or learned anything of value since your last advancement. Significant deeds include, but are not limited to: leveling up, defeating a villain, defeating an unknown monster, making a new alliance, learning something new about the campaign world, fulfilling a special quest, advancing a campaign storyline, completing a character goal.

Date Champion Deed
12/04/2009 All Escaped from Alcanane’s Lair
12/04/2009 All Advanced to Level 2
2/04/2010 Aphose, Elrick, Fangrim Rescued Batalash, Kal Elis, Fane and Ronen from the Greenfang Kobolds
2/12/2010 Batalash, Fangrim, Fane, Ronen Defeated Greenfang Crackteam
2/25/2010 All Captured the Changeling spy Fristan and turned him into authorities in Sterngate
2/25/2010 All Advanced to Level 3


Honor Date Champion Details
Most Damage Dealt in 1 Turn 2/12/2010 Fangrim 62 dmg vs. Greenfang Kobold Barbarian
Most Damage Taken by 1 attack 2/12/2010 Fangrim 39 dmg from Greenfang Kobold Barbarian

Favorite Kills

Champion Adversary Power Description
Fane Greenfang Kobold Barbarian Fearless Rescue Stabbed him in the heart to avenge Fangrim
Fangrim Baby Blue Dragon Twin Strike Split it down the middle and exposed its heart
Aphose Greenfang Kobold Rogue Whirlwind Strike Kicked him off a ledge to save Elrick


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