Exploits of the Torchbearers

The Exploits scroll is where you may write any significant achievements, deeds, or developments. Any time you level up think about if you’ve done anything or learned anything of value since your last advancement. Significant deeds include, but are not limited to: leveling up, defeating a minor or major villain, defeating an unknown monster, making a new alliance, learning something new about the campaign world, fulfilling a special quest, advancing a campaign storyline, completing a character goal.

Date Champion Deed
Vult 10 All Crash landed in the jungles of Xen’drik after The Lantern was hijacked
Vult 11 All Saved Fangrim “The Wolf” Gwenson from certain death by a mutated, two-headed queen giant-ant
Vult 12 All Saved Rupert Mudrock from Kenku
Vult 13 All Leveled up to 4th
Vult 13 All Arrived in Stormreach harbor
Vult 14 Naali Placed second in the Wavecrest Tavern arm-wrestling competition
Vult 14 Elrick The Orange Murdered Elmo in cold blood
Vult 15 All Rescued Khalaash and Seryssa from the Raiders of the Grey Pearl
Vult 16 All Leveled up to 5th


Honor Date Champion Details
Most Damage Dealt in 1 Turn Vult 13 Duragilis Laedon 42 dmg to Half-giant Thug
Most Damage Dealt by 1 attack Vult 10 Duragilis Laedon 34 dmg to Giant Ant Hive Worker with Hindering Strike
Most Damage Taken by 1 attack

Favorite Kills

Champion Adversary Power Description
Fane Krenshar Flattening Charge Beat the beast down to avenge Yeslick


Honor Champion Details
Consecutive uses of Inspiring Word on himself Fane 4, and counting


Hero Cause Notes
Elrick The Orange Stabbed to death by sahuagin


Exploits of the Torchbearers

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