Elrick's Journal

It’s my twenty second birthday tomorrow, and I’m trapped on a boat heading into Xen’Drik. It’s hard to imagine how long I’ve been away from the Tower Grounds, and even longer still from the little hamlet I grew up in. It’s been so long, and while I look forward to my future exploration, I can’t help but reflect upon what brought me to this point.

To be honest, it’s not that large a leap from my previous adventures with Fane, Fangrim, Batalash, Ronen and that other would-be spell slinger to get to here. But, I’ll condense it, since you’ve probably read all my other works, and I am not paid by the word. With Alcanane captured, and peace mostly restored, life grew comfortable. Well, as comfortable as a place could be having an unseasonably longer and longer days without any respite in sight. The cardinal of the Silver Flame spoke with Fane about gathering his allies to investigate something on The Silver Flame’s behest. Something important. VERY important.

And when he found me nose deep in The Flame’s archives, just from his tone, I knew this was something serious… and at the very least, entertaining. After all, you can learn from books, or you can see it and experience it with your own eyes. We would depart soon, but we would need more support.

He introduced me to ‘Honey’ and Big D. We were to travel to Xen’Drik to hopefully uncover the cause behind the Day Of Mourning. Who HADN’T heard of it? A single catastrophic event that caused the end of an entire empire? The magic required to make that happen must have been astronomical! How could I pass up a chance to uncover that which has not been discovered?

Does this mean more sleeping in the woods, and walking, and shudder climbing? Perhaps. But with Fane and our new allies against evil, certainly, they’ll indulge my… more curious instincts. Haha.

While I do not fancy sitting on this airship on my birthday tomorrow, I suspect it’s merely the start of something much greater with all of our destinies. Who knows? Maybe we’ll uncover more than just the mystery of the Day Of Mourning… Maybe we’ll find out why this Orange Sash was left in my belongings before I boarded the ship…
Ok, before you say “No way are their air pirates yet”, consider that noble families have been waging secret wars against each other to jockey for position for years. It’s how they do things. So, when I saw an absolutely MASSIVE airship fly past us, of COURSE I thought it might be. Anything to say “Haha! We’re better than you!”

Feh. Nobles.

Had this been the most exciting part of the day, I would have been thrilled. Elated. Ecstatic! But no, apparently it was to be a day dished with betrayal. You remember that stupid sorcerer from my other book, “Justice – Thy Name Is Orange”? Yeah, well it seems he wants to be a reoccurring character. Too bad this time it’s for the wrong side. He was brother to the captain of our little airship. And yet he felt the need to betray him for a skirt with a death wish. She claimed that the Torchbearers were to be eradicated before we ever made our mark. And after NEARLY setting the entire airship ablaze (Which I did not, thank you very much), that succubus and that flunky of the arcane left an elemental explosive device forcing us to crash just off the shoreline.

While all of the Torchbearers survived, we hope to find survivors other than ourselves soon. I’ll have a further entry when we do. I have faith that we’ll find someone among the wreckage. After all, we survived… right?


Elrick's Journal

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